What is real Love

Love is racing. 
Love is longing. 
Love is chest pain 
because you miss someone so much. 
Love is not being able to let go. 
Love is endless Love is kind 
Love is what makes our life worth living.
Love is home:
Home is the person 
who gives you something 
that makes you want to come back 
over and over again.
Home is wherever that person is.

Love does not speak from the mind 
but from the heart, 
Love is an overwhelming, 
powerful feeling, 
a source of strength 
that gives confidence in bad times 
and increases our happiness in good times. 
Love is a place you go to give. 
Love is more than 3 words - 
Love is not what we say,
but what we are.

Love is the strongest power in the world, 
and yet it is the most humble force imaginable.

Love erases all self-interest

To love means to accept 
and love the other with his strengths 
and in spite of his weaknesses. 
True love is unconditional, 
leaves free and does not demand.

Love is like a sensitive plant 
that needs to be nurtured. 
Because love is unconditional, 
but not limitless. 
Conflicts, insults, mutual poison arrows, 
imbalances in give and take - 
these are all debits from our love account.

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